Your Voice
 The very first time I heard your voice
My heart jumped
The calm placid tone
Attracted me like no other ever has,
The kindness that your voice emits
Soothed my soul
The honesty within your words
Would resonate in my mind
The lack of drama and exaggeration
Was refreshing not to hear
The sincerity and humbleness
Overwhelmed my senses
And most of all the love that exuded
With every sentence spoke
Was intoxicating and exhilarating
Real and reassuring,
Your voice is simply “Kryptonite” to me
It makes my knees weak
My heart sing
And changes everything!
I live for your phone calls
And to be face to face lying beside you
Holding you skin to skin
Watching you sleep
Come morning
I’ll brush aside your hair
Kiss your temple
And say “I Love You”
Then wait for that voice
To whisper “I Love You Too”!


By Peter Agriostathes 
. . .

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